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Warlock Pinchers 2010 Reunion Show DVD!

It's a combination of both the August 6th and August 7th shows,
with interviews/backstage footage, bonus features,
clips of all of the bands who played...and more!
Produced by Warlock Pinchers and Eyeosaur Productions.

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Reunion Shows 2010 - Hand Silkscreened Posters - original designs by some of our friends in the animation business. (click posters for artist info)
Heavy stock, size: 19" X 25"       Each poster is $20 and includes a free download of that night's live show!
Click posters for detail view
and artist information.

NOW $20 each!


[Note which posters you want!]

BIEBER Shield Logo
T-Shirts! $23
White on black
mens and womens styles

Bomb the Franklin Mint
(Audio CD - 2010)
Now $12
18 rare and unreleased
songs from 1987-1992

Download $6

3-colors on black shirt
2010 'Tour' shirt
Devil on front
('tour' dates on back
with secret show date
and Official Sound of Satan
logos printed in black)


3-colors on black shirt
New Years Eve
Show Shirt
Baby New Year
on front

Shield Logo Apparel
White on black (cotton)
Pullover Hoodies
Zip Up Hoodies
Girly T-Shirts $23
(2 Styles: white on black shirt
and black on 'inside-out' grey shirt)

Kid T-Shirts
Size 2/4
Kid T-Shirts
Size 14/16

Bieber Zip Up Hoodies
$60 - only one doz. made!
NEW 8-bit T-Shirt:
NEW Enamel Pin:
1.5" Shield $12
Official Spawn of Satan
Baby Bibs
Official Spawn of Satan
Baby Onesies
$18 (size:12 months)

Deadly Kung Fu Action (CD - 1989 - NOW $15)
Includes entire Pinch A Loaf album too!

Both albums - one CD
Includes download codes for remastered albums

Circusized Peanuts
(CD - 1991 - NOW $15)

Circusized Peanuts Cassettes! $10
CDs and cassettes include download code for remastered album
Audio Downloads  
High bitrate MP3s
You will be sent a download code and instructions

Pinch a Loaf (Remastered) NOW $8
Deadly Kung Fu Action (Remastered) NOW $8
Circusized Peanuts (Remastered) NOW $8
All 3 remastered albums (above) NOW $16!
Reunion Show #1 - 8/6/2010 NOW $6
Reunion Show #2 - 8/7/2010 NOW $6
Imposters (tribute album) NOW $6

Imposters (Pinchers tribute album)

31 bands doing Warlock Pinchers songs
Track listing   NOW $6
CD sold out - download only

Ultimate USB Drive   SOLD OUT

Laser-engraved metal 2GB flash drive,
packaged in a tin, inside a velvet bag.

Contains the 3 remastered albums
+ Imposters + music videos + a huge
archive of flyers/graphics/articles/etc.
(~500 images!)

Official Time of Satan
Watch   SOLD OUT

Official Board of Satan laser etched
Skateboard Deck   $66

For International orders, add additional postage:

Email us with questions.

Merchandise will be sent to the address in PayPal, unless otherwise directed

Or send a check to:
Warlock Pinchers, LLC
Box 481823
Denver, CO 80248

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